With over 30 years of experience manufacturing quality sportswear for teams and retailers, Liberty Inter Group has built a reputation of being one of the fastest and highest quality standards manufacturer while maintaining a customer centric services to its clients. Liberty Inter Group was established in 1982 with initially only 50 employees. Today we have continued to grow successfully with operations coverage thru out ASEAN, which includes Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia, allowing us a production capacity of 3 million pieces per month .

We are a well-established sportswear supplier for numerous world-class brand names. We have factories in 4 countries with sufficient capacity to serve markets from Europe, USA, Asia, South Africa, and Latin America. We have a complete in-house garment manufacturing production process from pre-production processes to post production processes.



Factories in



We have production coverage thru out Southeast Asia – Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia

Monthly Production of


pieces per month

We have a high production capacity to handle your large orders.

With Experience of


in manufacturing

We have established a solid know-how of best practices for manufacturing high quality products.

Low Turnover Rate



We keep our employees happy to sustain their long-term contribution and expertise with us.

Liberty Inter Group consists of the 3 following companies


Trax Intertrade Co., Ltd. (Roiet)

A production capacity of approximately 650,000 pieces per month.

Being our first established factory, we built an in-house development center here to leverage our long-term experience and department experts.

This allows us to develop complex garment from scratch and to go through the whole fitting process with a very fast turnover time. By having a development center at hand, we are able to avoid later problems during production and eliminating problems at the earliest possible stage.


Alliance One Apparel Co., Ltd.

A production capacity of approximately 2,100,000 pieces per month.

We have an in-house fabric warehouse, embellishment, sample development center, machinery service & innovation center, and a full training center.

We also apply Kaizen practices throughout our factory to improve our manufacturing processes via machine automations and templates. By improving our production efficiency, we are able to pass these benefits on to our customers by shortening lead time of our customer orders.


Trax Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.

A production capacity of approximately 750,000 pieces per month.

To ensure the success of our recent addition, it is led by the same experienced management team that have continually drove the success of our other facilities.

We have extra in-house capacity for cutting, heat transfer, and embroidery at our Cambodia facilities. So no matter how big your order is, we have facilities to handle these additional requests.


Trax Intertrade Co., Ltd. (Chaiyaphum)

A production capacity of approximately 200,000 pieces per month.



Customer Service Excellence


Solid Partnership


Retention of Expertise

Customer Service Excellence

For over 30 years in the industry, we have cultivated a customer focused culture. Our employees make it a commitment to focus on the needs of the customers first. The success of our organization has been the value we put on our customer. We make it a serious matter to listen to our customer views and needs. Our employees are put through a communication training to effectively listen to our customers.

One of our key success factor has been delivering quality services to customers. We have taken our customers’ needs very seriously. It is proven through our repeated businesses from our customers. We work as a team and aim only for a high customer satisfaction.

Solid Partnership in Supply Chain

We have put significant efforts to improve our turnaround time and support the needs of our customers. We have built a strong partner ecosystem to enable access to resources and better service our customers’ demands. This includes key partnerships such as fabric sources, yarn, textile dye, etc. It provides us an advantage to available resources on-demand during critical production lead times.

With our solid partnerships, we are able to increase our production efficiency and drive a fast order-to-delivery process for our customers like no others. Our customers can rest assured to receive high quality and speedy delivery of their shipment.

Retention of Expertise

We can proudly say that we have about only a 1% turnover within our organization. We have a family-like corporate cultural. We treat the people who work here like family. Our close knit culture helps make the atmosphere enjoyable for employees to come to work as much as going home.

We have sustained a 25% rate of total employees who have been with us for over 10 years. We take pride in making the environment comfortable for employees to communication input across all areas of the organization. We believe that when our staff are happy and know each other well, they are more likely to share ideas with each other and help the company to continuously grow.

“We drive towards a 25% target to reduce environmental wastes from energy, water, or manufacturing wastes.”


We help our employees make a positive impact in the community by making difference in the lives of others through outreach program. We provide sponsorship and donations to those who are less fortunate. One of its example is giving financial assistance on building houses to the homeless. Other key initiatives that we do is visiting the orphanage and charitable institution.

Our employees play an important role in preserving the use of energy, water and waste for the purpose of becoming more efficient in everything we do. We engage in the participation for the environmental conservation and resources through “Clean & Green Factory” in partnership with customers and chamber of commerce. Because of the relentless effort we made, we received recognition from our strategic business partners for the Best Energy Saving Program.


We think and act smart. We never stop learning and we value the importance of training for the development of employees’ knowledge and skills. Our best practices through knowledge sharing and the training programs promote a good source in uplifting the employees’ competence.

We provide a healthy and balance well-being for our employees. Each year, we celebrate the sportsfest event. The program encourages employees to participate for various sports and other recreational competition. The event highlights in establishing better socialization and sportsmanship with co-employees.

As a desirable workplace, we ensure that all employees work in a happy environment living by example with others through our corporate mission and values.