Team Sport Jerseys

Soccer Jerseys Authority

Sport jersey designs often depict the player’s name, team number, sponsors logos, and team logo.  Another key essential for these particular sport jerseys is the fabric that can provide functional capabilities and enhance performance. 

As an experienced manufacturer, we have access to every type of garment required to make your particular sport jersey and handle all your complex jerseys designs. We will take the extra steps to ensure your finishing products are made to the utmost quality standards. 



Performance & Active Sportswear

Running, Tennis, Training, and more…

We made it our mission to manufacture quality performance sportswear to the highest excellence. No matter how complicate your technical designs may be, our team of experts will work closely with you to produce your designs down to the last details.

Whatever your sportswear line collection may be, we will help to integrate technical function and fashion together to create sportswear that look great, feel fantastic and suit the sport of which it is intended.



Athleisure Wear

Fashionable clothing from the gym to the streets

Several sportswear brands have already extended their collections beyond the typical active wear clothing and turning workout gear into a serious style statement.

With our experience of over 30 years in garment manufacturing, we can help to produce your extended athleisure clothing collection that adheres to your design standards. We have an experienced team to help with your production logistics. It can be one of the last things on your mind to worry about so you can completely focus on your thriving business.

We work to make a difference.

We provide one-on-one services from the start to ensure every details are captured.

We drive towards a 25% target to reduce environmental wastes from energy, water, or manufacturing wastes.

We have our own performance fabric warehouse for a quick turnaround on your orders.

Intricate Sportswear

Delicate designs, embroidery, complex prints & patterns, etc.

Despite the fitness and wellness trend, you can be creative in your sportswear designs by including intricate details such as mesh panel, stitch patterns, or intricate straps. These intricate details in your sportswear collection can help to build your brand’s reputation.

We can manufacture highly sophisticated active wear that meets to designs inspiration & performance function. Let us help you to make your sportswear stand out and maintain that competitive edge.